Why no body wants to talk about misandry and when you talk about it they start to attack you?

The primary reason there's still a prominent female empowerment movement is that it's lining people's pockets. At the point where the goals of the movement were largely achieved the movement was at peak popularity, thereby generating the most money. Have a glance at Amazon best-seller lists. There's never been a more popular time to be on either side of these movements - note the number of books with 'contrarian' takes also listed.

90% of the population will note discriminatory behaviour for what it is, and they'll be able to identify toxic behaviours which, as a generalisation, are more common in either sex. But past the age of 25ish the people still engaging in this stuff are laughed at (not too maliciously, they're just 'that' guy), unless they either spend too much time on twitter, are disconnected with the rest of society (many celebrities and media figures), have a genuine axe to grind (those weird middle aged men on youtube who rant about women following a tough divorce), or are Canadian.

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