This "normal" reality is AWESOME

I know it's not always fun to focus on the negatives, but you do have to be fully aware of a problem in order to craft a solution for it.

Pessimism might be annoying to hear repeated over and over again but ultimately I'm thankful for them. It takes all types of people and perspectives to complete the picture.

"It takes a village", and that includes the village idiot.

If you let the negative aspects of life become your encouragement to make the world a better place you're literally converting bad energy into good energy.

Sometimes it takes appreciation to move us forward and sometimes it takes rejection of how things currently are. We're all a bunch of Jack-Asses, and some of us move forward from the dangling metaphorical carrot and others the metaphorical cracking of a whip from behind.

Regardless, I hope I can look forward to working with you lot towards making this world a better place for as many people as possible.

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