North Korea releases imprisoned Canadian pastor,state media says

I'm glad that a man who, by all accounts, appears to be a very kind and giving hero was released. If he was released at no cost to the government or the Canadian people then this is a huge victory!. That being said, it's unlikely that he was released just because we said it would be awfully nice of the North Korean government to do so.

How positive this is depends on what exactly we gave the North Korean dictatorship so that we could save this man. We could have given them money or food, promises of political support or promises to turn a blind eye to the concentration camps that they run. Giving them food or support for their citizens is the best outcome in my mind; if we made a promise that means their concentration camps will continue running for longer than need be, then I'm going to feel less good about whatever deal it is that we made with NK.

I'm not going "hurr durr, the Libruls did something so it's bad, nice hair btw" - I'm trying to realistically assess the situation. I don't think I'm in the wrong for wondering what Canada may have done to free this man.

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