*Nov.2nd:Daily check in thread for No Buy November (NBN)*

I’m tempted to use the sale to buy a few staples I need (a new beauty blender and Bumble and Bumble hair product) because it’s worth it for the 20% off. But as I was on the site I’m also tempted to buy a few palettes. They are palettes I had before and actually used up and so I know I love them but I really don’t need anymore eye shadow. The 20% makes it to tempting but I’m trying not to buy any palettes before 2018.

I am also thinking about returning two palettes I got over the summer and really don’t like (Sweet Peach - the scent is too much on this one and Boudoir Eyes - the colours are just weird) but it’s been about 90 days and I have made 2 returns in the past 5 months of palettes I used a few times and I don’t want them to get annoyed at me. I want to use the store credit from that towards the sale and get things I actually know I will use but I don’t know if it will work. Does anyone know if you can still do a return if it’s over 30 days and you don’t have the receipt but it was on your BI card? Does anyone have experience with making multiple returns in a year?

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