[OC] There are more African-Latinos than African-Americans. Here's where they live:

I despise the fact the US planned coup d'etat over half of the representative democracies in the continent, pressed the political globalist agenda of population control and exploitation of our natural resources, then put us all in the same bag with terms as "Latinos" even tho it refers to the Latin culture of the Roman empire, and then continue to have the audacity to attempt to name things like "latinx" with the same political propaganda they begun. We are what we are, not what they want us to be. And of course Reddit deletes my comment with bullshit like "hatespeech" which are against the human right of freedom of speech.

TLDR: plan condor, they put us all in the same tag as if we are the same shit everywhere, fuck their terms we make our own terms.

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