[OC] Americans consider Politicians more Immoral than Pornstars and Spies. Shows only “Very Immoral” responses.

Software engineer here. I would add that many of our colleagues are vain, vapid, self-centered hypocrites whose worldview is so incredibly myopic that they actually think any software they touch is a service rendered to further all of humanity, and not an inconsequential meaningless job that they’re doing for a paycheck just like everyone else. They are also remarkably ignorant of even their own chosen career field—if one of them is working on, say, webpages for business, they think that’s 95% of all software, and treat the actual 95% like it’s all minor edge cases that aren’t important, which is particularly galling given that software touches literally almost everything these days.

Anyway. Personally I think this is partly due to the age demographics (lots of younger folks who wouldn’t know anything no matter what field they’re in), the amount of money involved, and the lack of direct causality to most software (eg, stealing is obviously immoral, but optimizing ad revenue by manipulating individual’s actions based on psychological profiles in order to trick them into spending money on snake oil is easier to ignore).

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