[OC] A polarized media landscape: MSNBC vs Fox News - What stories are they highlighting or omitting over the last week (April 7 to April 13)? What are the focal points between the left and right on divided topics?

People are dancing around the big point here... this chart really shows why MSNBC has failed as a FOX imitator.

I disagree. My understanding is that this chart is based on website data. If that is correct, I think all this chart shows is that the two websites serve different purposes.

The Fox News website is meant to be a traditional news website. It covers a wide range of news reporting alongside opinion content.

MSNBC’s website is more niche. It’s focused on content specific to the cable news network, i.e. clips from the shows and blogs tied to the various shows. It is not focused on general news reporting. The general news website was rebranded as NBCNews in 2013.

So the chart is effectively comparing a full-fledged news website (Fox News) to a niche website with more limited content (MSNBC). It’s kind of comparing apples and oranges.

For clarity, I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the rest of your post. I just don’t think this chart is a particularly meaningful comparison. A more meaningful comparison would be the NBCNews website compared to the Fox News website.

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