[OC] A polarized media landscape: MSNBC vs Fox News - What stories are they highlighting or omitting over the last week (April 7 to April 13)? What are the focal points between the left and right on divided topics?

Agreed. Comparing the two most covered topics between the two illustrates the difference.

MSNBC’s most covered topic was Trump’s legal issues. Trump is a former president, 2024 presidential contender, and the figurehead of one of the two major political parties. He is currently embroiled in numerous investigations and lawsuits. Seems like a legitimate topic to cover.

Fox News’s most covered topic was controversy about beer advertising campaigns involving a trans person. The seems like something that is extremely trivial, and the fact that it was their most covered topic is absurd.

Also, it seems like this is comparing online coverage (i.e. website) rather than cable news coverage. I’m not sure the websites of MSNBC and Fox News are really comparable. MSNBC’s website seems to serve a much more limited purpose. It looks like it’s mostly select clips from the cable broadcast, blogs associated with some of the network’s shows, and some takes on the stories of the day. I assume that is because most of the news reporting is done on the NBC News website.

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