Official 2.5.0 Feedback Thread

I just attempted to play 2.5.

  • Entire client downloaded again (1/4 of my monthly usage allowance)
  • Drastic reduction in FPS on a 1080 GTX system compared to 2.4
  • More noticeable desync issues with the new patch
  • I flew to Yela and was unable to find Grim Hex after almost a full lap of the ring (probably intentional)
  • My ship (SH) then became bugged so that mouse input did not work for movement controls anymore
  • I exited my ship and re-entered it, to try to reset the flying controls
  • After doing this, I had no quantum travel destinations showing, so I was stuck a long way from anywhere
  • With no other options remaining to unbug myself, I self destructed in order to be able to respawn and try again
  • On trying to spawn my only ship, I was asked to pay aUEC that I did not have
  • I was now in a position where I was time gated for 3 minutes to respawn my only ship
  • At this point i gave up on 2.5 and testing it any further. This update was a considerable step backwards as an overall experience for me
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