Oil in Canada, the present and future.

I never hid the fact that I wrote the article, my name is in the domain and in my reddit account. I downvoted you not because I didn't like your opinion but because I think what you said was condescending and rude. On top of that I think you are purposefully trying to contort what I am saying. I do apologize for not including an eventually in between "to (eventually) switch to renewable resources" as that was originally intended.

Secondly, it is not Canada's responsibility to prevent climate change. Climate Change is happening and it no can longer be prevented but the risks and impacts of climate change can be mitigated. We are currently one of those countries not doing something about it, however, other nations such as Germany, have realized the need for this infrastructure and I don't think I need to point that its workers and standard of living have not been compromised. Canada as a leading economic power, a resource rich nation and the second largest country in the world, is responsible for climate change.

Thirdly, democracy is based on the foundation that people can work together and enact change. However, you criticize me for trying to say that Canada as a nation in a world of nations, should do just that. I argue that it should join the likes of Germany, Norway, Iceland, Austria, etc., in working together for a cleaner and ultimately safer Earth. I do not expect people to suffer to save the world but, who ever said that switching to renewable sources of energy would do just that?

Lastly, I do want to point out that this argument has been directed towards nitpicking details in my comments and not to the fundamental issue at hand, climate change. As we reach a pivotal point in this world at which we will go beyond the global carbon budget that is set at 2C, we must address this issue. I only argue that Canada plays a role in this by switching to renewable sources of energy and thereby participating in the effort to combat climate change.

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