Ok Reddit, what was your “holy shit, need to get my life together” moment?

I'm a bit late to this party I suppose, but I swallowed a bottle full of prescription sleeping pills to try and end it all and realized how selfish it would be to make my family have to grieve because I didn't want to deal with my own pain. At the time, I was drinking very very heavily (~50 drinks a week), was on the verge of failing my college classes, my parents were getting divorced, and I had just been broken up with. My friends forced me into seeing a psychiatrist who gave me antidepressants, which I was taking, as well as the aforementioned sleeping pills. After I made myself throw up those sleeping pills the first thing I did was throw out the rest of my antidepressants because I told myself that I couldn't just turn to pills whenever things went wrong for me (note that I do not recommend quitting antidepressants cold turkey or without a doctor's recommendation - just because I ended up okay doesn't make it a good idea at all).

Picked myself up off the metaphorical ground, stopped spending days entirely in my room, found myself a hobby,

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