On average, it takes almost 22 minutes out of my limited play time to distribute gifts to friends every single day. This is way too long.

I’m curious, why do you torture yourself? Are you level 40? Are you level 40 and still grinding XP (please say no)?

The majority of players on this subreddit don’t take kindly to complaints about the game, but it’s reached a turning point — whether they want to admit it or not it.

As a level 40 player, I’m entirely finished with playing this game anymore than once every few days. The gift system was great for topping off XP to reach max level, but now it’s old.

Raiding is also old. Gym interactions are tired. The only content we get are shinies.

This game is spiraling downwards because they’re working on the finishing touches for Wizards Unite, anyone who says otherwise is jaded to how major gaming publishers work in this day and age.

Sure, we finally got trading, but what else is to come? PvP is boring (people try and make it into something more but it’s incredibly basic and lazy), you can’t even call the AR Camera content — it’s just more fodder for people to clutter their local Facebook with.

Personally? I believe they’re entering maintenance mode. That doesn’t mean new things aren’t coming, it means they’ll continue doing the bare minimum possible to keep players like your average TSR user moving forward and spending money.

We’ve had no major features this year, four months of special events (typically linked to their major money-maker: incubators), and questionable promises about summer events that will no doubt deal with more shinies and raiding for shinies.

Shinies are not content, but most players perpetuate their focus on them by dropping money into the game in an attempt to gain one.

This game sucks now. Go ahead and say ‘bye’ — but keep in mind most people are so addicted to funneling their time and money into this game that they will never admit anything I said has any merit.

It’s impossible for someone that’s sunk countless sums of money into this game to admit, but this game has lost momentum in the name of their next title, and it’s only going to get worse from here.


Pour out that massive bottle of sunscreen, this game is done.

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