come on boy I still believe

  1. This is a company that had a relentless false advertising campaing that was basically a scam, with alot of features still not in the game.

  2. The game was released with an awful amount of bugs and issues, was sold on old gen consoles even though they knew it was in an awful state but proceeded with it anyway

  3. They’re passing off free DLC with features that should have been in game from the start such as transmog, apartments etc. Now are charging money for DLC you don’t know anything about.

Look guys I love Cyberpunk, I could go on and on about things I really like about this game. But It was a scam and they really shouldn’t be charging any money for any DLC. You’re going to pay money for open world features and what? Police chases? That should have been in from the start and they’ll pass it off as if it was a cool feature idea for new content? It’s out of order and totally taking the piss out of people who paid money and waited years for “The most ambitious RPG to ever release”.

I don’t care if the game is good, if you liked the anime and if a dev you like had a good cry on stream whilst turning up the music to get into the vibe of his dramatic moment. The fact you all defend it so hard and are so keen to throw money at a second expansion when you haven’t seen the first is exactly why ALL companies continue to take you for a ride. You forget so easily just because you’re actually enjoying what they’ve done right in the game and eagerly want more.

The petition should be to make the DLC free but they’ll never do that, they’ll rob you and you’ll think it’s good money spent without understanding that now other games companies will think they can get away with such advertising techniques to sell the games in the millions. Unreal how naive people are.

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