Open Thread: International Break!

I know i will be smashed to bits for saying this but these are the radical notions that i possess.

  1. Remember Lass diara, RM midfielder considered to be beast by most fans, well what happened when he faced barcelona, got running around in circles. What i am trying to say is about the signing of Ivan Rakitic'. World-class? yes, good passer?yes. Quick thinker? no. Midfield general ? no. I dont hate rakitic' , i think he is a good player, but personally i would rather have rafinha be first choice. It is really wierd RM getting Kroos, Isco,modric' trio while Barca chose to look for workhorses rather than trusting youth players or signing better passers of the ball. I would have liked Barca to sign either Kroos or Kovacic' instead of Rakitic'.

  2. Signing of Older players: Mathieu, Vermalen. The money spent on these two should have been invested in Marquinhos-40 mil. Can play CB,RB.

  3. Luis Suarez': as good as a player Suarez is, i urge you to compare him to Marco reus, whom Zubizaretta was hoping to sign this year. he is younger, is better on the ball, is a better player in general. would have also been cheaper.

  4. Marc Bartra- 23 years old? I am not going to say any more.

  5. The treatment of Luis Enrique: From the next david moyes to treble candidate, enrique has suffered surely emotionally under the treatment of fans. i know enrique is not the master of positional football but surely the people hiring would've have known that. Also handing over the entire transfer budget to a new coach is a very popular mistake & in general is advised against for the long term. How many years will the signings last? 2,3? The transfer targets should have been selected from a consensus of people & not the coach alone.

  6. I feel Luis enrique doesnt trust youth enough, I would have liked to see Rafinha & D.Suarez involved in this season more.

  7. Barca's overall play in general has been dismal in many games( with liga 3-1 game against ATM a big exception) .The atletico home liga(+MC away 1st half) win was the only game which barca played with any sense of positional superiority: Not spreading play to alba as quickly as possible.Instead building play through Busquets, iniesta,Rakitic. Full backs 7 wingers maintaining alternate corridors. Late runs across the face of wingers into the penalty box, complimentary runs of Suarez' etc etc etc.

Barca now as soon as bravo gets the ball switch to alba or alves . This is getting the team nowhere in terms of moving forward as a unit. Sure defenses have improved because the emphasis is on the defensive line, not on the spreading out of fullbacks or dropping of midfielders to initiate play.Barca have the highest ratio of fullbacks touching the ball compared to any top european team.

Please try & think about what i wrote here & i would like to hear where i am thinking wrong.

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