[WP] A pair of terrorists are about to hijack a plane when unrelated issues threaten to crash it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Flight attendants, prepare for landing."

Finally, I thought this flight would never end. My neck is stiff, my knees are killing me, and I'm fairly sure I have a blood clot in my leg that will dislodge and kill me when I stand up. Still, it was nice to see my mom again after so many years.

The flight attendants begin to make their way up to the front of the plane. They stop occasionally to remind a passenger to stow their tray table or lean their seat forward.

The gentleman sitting next to me stood up and opened the overhead compartment. My chair was kicked from behind as another man stood up into the isle. "Sir, please return to your seat," said one of the attendants. I looked back and saw four men standing in the isle, all of them wrist deep in carry-on bags. "Sirs! Please return to your seats immediately!" Two of the men stood in the isle next to me; the other two were in the rear of the plane. One of the men standing next to my seat shouted in Arabic towards the men in the back, the other shouted in English, "This is a hijacking! This plane is now a weapon of Allah!" as they pulled knives out of their bags.

The passengers aboard the plane immediately erupted in screams of terror. The Arabic speaking man continued to shout at the men in the rear. It seemed as though the men in the rear didn't understand Arabic, as they were yelling back in Russian. One of the Russian speaking men shouted in English, "Sit down! We are hijacking this plane! This plane is now a weapon of the Kremlin!" The English speaking man standing next to me charged at the English speaking man in the rear, shouting, "Sit down you Russian dog! This plane will strike a devastating blow to America in the name of Allah!"

I can't believe this. My plane is being hijacked simultaneously by two separate terrorist organizations.

"You sit down! Mother Russia demands this plane strike a devastating blow to America!"

The captain speaks up over the commotion through the PA, "We have arrived at gate C14, thank you for flying American Airlines, enjoy your stay in beautiful Colorado."

The terrorists were arrested and strapped to rockets that were fired at the stinky countries they came from. The end.

As you can tell, I'm awful at endings. And writing. And coming up with stories on the fly.

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