Organizing chests!

This is all good common sense, and is sound advice. Some additional things I'd suggest:

  • If you're a completionist/hoarder/collector (like me), keep in mind that "one chest for these, another chest for those" might lead to running out of space to put things and expansion will be inevitable. There's a fixed limit of 1000 chests per world -- it's possible you'll never reach that many but don't go absolutely crazy placing down chests.

  • For variety, barrels and trash cans also work as storage items, just like chests.

  • If you're looking to have at least one stack of every wall type, it'll take 4 chests (126 items), and for at least one stack of every block type, it'll take 3 chests (99 items).

  • It's often helpful to use the rename functionality (PC only). You can mouse over a chest from any distance and see what's in it. The downside is that you lose the visual chest icon next to the cursor when you're close enough to reach it.

  • Paint! Like most furniture items, you can paint chests to color code them for quicker visual reference. Gold and pumpkin chests both have high saturation and look nice painted.

  • It's not always practical to keep everything in one place. If you have a herb farm, it might make more sense to place chests nearby to store herbs, and keep a furnace (to make glass), some water (to fill bottles), and a potion crafting station (glass bottle on a workbench) for brewing.

  • You can save storage space by using weapon racks for tools and weapons that don't stack, and mannequins for extra armor. Plus, they make a nice display of your progress through the game.

  • Safes and piggy banks aren't just for moving things between worlds. Buying multiple safes and piggy banks and placing them around your world (as you can afford them) can help move inventory around between different locations without having to keep stuff in your pockets.

  • For items that stack and you'll eventually collect lots of (like gel), seed the chest by distributing the items in stacks of single items. That way if you quick stack, only that item will go into the chest and will populate each stack as you fill the chest.

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