Ottawa to face court challenge over Saudi arms deal

Look, we already export a fuck ton of nickel that is used to make weapons and ammunition that kill people around the globe. The only reason no one seems to care is because the mining industry is huge in Canada and we've been doing it since WW2.

We should be careful about where we're exporting materials for making weapons too.

I'm not trying to make a moral argument. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I care what happens to the citizens of Saudi Arabia because I truly don't. I see our dollar taking a nose dive and I just want Canada to do well.

You are advocating that we approach the situation amorally. I know you're not trying to make a moral argument, but the fact remains that you are arguing in favor of doing something immoral. It's pragmatic, but it's also rather sociopathic.

This doesn't necessarily mean I'm advocating for more deals with the Saudi's, because I'm not. I just think Canada should be committed to the deal considering our previous government already made the commitment.

Why wouldn't you advocate for more deals with the Saudis?

Apples to oranges, I'm talking about Canadian exports here. On paper, exporting food and medicine isn't any different than exporting LAV's.

What do you mean by "on paper"?

Would you argue that there is no moral difference between selling North Korea bread and selling North Korea nuclear warheads?

The only difference is how you feel. The problem with running a country based on "feelings" is that issues like this will be forgotten within a year and Canada will have lost out on $15 billion in revenue and roughly 5000+ decent paying jobs.

That's the thing about basing your actions on moral considerations - sometimes ethics get in the way of making money.

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