Our nightmares = their fetishes

This is a super creepy post, I’m not trying to say otherwise, but this is a fairly (not super but I’ve dated 2 people who were into it, and I’m nothing special) common and separate fetish, if you look you will find it and realize it’s a multi-million dollar part of a bunch of different websites that typically ethically discuss their scenes with actress who are into it. There is, of course, a lot of really terrible, unethical, and real stuff out there, which is obviously criminal and not good for anyone involved. Like, this is from two different posts so this person made a point to catalog and retrieve them over a span of time. They got upvotes, not great, unfortunately in this context it probably is harmful, but like, I am confident the average human knows fantasy from reality, and very very very few people actually want it to happy and instead want to discuss and role play the fantasy.

Also, this sub bums me out. When I first found this I thought it could be a great resource for people but man, y’all need to look in a mirror and consider if you really want to help or just be discompassionate. As I’ve typed this no one in this thread is being like overtly hateful and pretending it’s “blunt honest,” but like, come on folks, you can’t have a log in your eye and call the other team toxic.

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