Is Overwatch broken?

so if one submits the verdict wrongly, there is a food chance that the others won't do the same so our cheater doesn't pass the overwatch

Overwatch got an evidentiary standard of 99.8%, while the actual rate is 99.999% ("five nines"), according to one of the Valve employees (with timestamp):

So what you are writing can't be true: Even if only a single person from 100 reviewers click on "innocent", the evidentiary standard is not complied and the case is out. People extracting the actual demos from Overwatch cases show that quite a few spinbotters are often not banned over longer periods, even though the case was obvious (there are likely a few people declining the case because they "can't see anything", "the demo is broken"). And also the convictions for VACnet submitted cases are just 80-95%.

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