Overwatch needs Advanced hero detail pages (like Paladins)

I misunderstood, now I understand that we're asking for in-game menus that show hero data.

My question about that is where does Blizzard stop? Like, do they show projectile speeds? Do they represent those projectile speeds in meters per second, like the fan sites do, or do they represent the speeds in the internal units they actually use, that mean nothing? Do they show cones of fire? Do they show points at which bloom starts during automatic fire? Do they show the curve of that cone of fire at each point of additional bloom?

The problem I see with an advanced menu is that, sure, it won't overwhelm new players because it's hidden, but players will want the most advanced menu possible, which would end up being its own spreadsheet overload, and be completely out of character for the game's UI.

On top of all of those design considerations, remember that the game's values aren't designed to be human readable, so the code would need to be heavily reworked or constantly manually curated (which I'm sure is how Paladins does it). I don't know if that's worth it, and clearly Blizzard doesn't.

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