Parallels between the 2011 NBA Finals and Star Wars

There's a popular fan theory I just made up that you've got it all backwards. The Mavs were the evil empire, and the Heat were good.

The Mavs were led by the dark sith lord Emperor Mark Cubantine, who spent more resources than anyone else to create his diabolical Death Star of a team.

Dirk? More like Darth. Dirk's offense was so powerful that he had become more machine, than man. Seen here with his mask off.

LeBron, aka HanBron, was frozen in carbonite all series by the defense of the traitor Shawn Marion aka Lando Calrissian, who infamously turned on Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back.

Udonis Haslem, of course, was Chewbacca, always had HanBron's back.

Barea was no ewok. He was jawa, seen here yelling "ooo tinni." The same flopping jawa who deactivated R2D2 aka Mike Bibby.

Wade Skywalker was the protagonist, apprentice to the powerful Alonzo Kenobi, seen here during their training. And who trained Alonzo? None other than Qui Gon Riley.

What about Mario Chalmers. Oh you mean, Rio? seek, Rio. The GOAT Jedi.

Jason the Kidd is a straight up intergalactic thug, always making headlines in the crime section.

DeShawn Stevenson is Greedo. He and HanBron Solo never got along.

Terry aka Grand Moff Terry, who operated the laser three point shooting of the death star. Joel Anthony aka Admiral Anthony. Rick Carlisle is Count Dooku, a former jedi who [turned evil] but is decently powerful in his own right (

And Tyson Chandler is Boba Fett. I'm running out of characters.

Wade took down the Death Star in 2006, aka A New Hope. 2011 was the Empire Strikes back. Just waiting on a sequel now to the trilogy. For now, the extended universe will have to do.

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