Partners of sleep-talkers or sleepwalkers, what gems have you to share?

When I was younger I always had to try and wake up my mom so she could bring me to school.

I have a little brother, so at the time he was absolute hell because he wouldn’t sleep through the night without crying every hour. Other big siblings must know what I’m talking about here. we never really got a good night’s sleep thanks to that devil baby.. anyway

After having tried to wake her up for several minutes, I ended up having an entire conversation with her at one point without realizing that she wasn’t even awake.

I eventually just yelled at her to get up, I was so annoyed still trying to get her up. So in return, while still half-asleep, my mom turns to me and yells “I SMELT THE CAKE” then immediately starts frowning at me...

I just remember sitting there thinking “wtf did you just say”- and so yeah anyway that was interesting

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