Pegida Song (German, subs in the comment section)

Tried my best with the translation but I'm sure there are some mistakes. Any correction is welcome.

"We are the people!" "We are the people!" Oh you are the people? Well then. One found them somewhere in Dresden or so PEGIDA (PEGIDA) [0:11 Poster: "Peaceful & together against religious and proxy wars on german soil! PEGIDA" Poster in their hand That's how the save the occident (/the west) [0:16 Poster: "Islam = cancer"] "Yeah, I'm not for this, that Islam is adopted here" There are sometimes two, three hooligans present. PEGIDA (PEGIDA) Take yourselves a little bit of time today for hostility to foreigners (/xenophobia) [0:33 Poster: "Stop multiculturalism / my home country stays" "Those are suckers, they are." We look at you, you guys are really tolerant, your hearts full of love. "We don't want to have something to do with those Volksschädlinge" [Volk = the people, Schädlinge = vermin] The AfD-ler need new voters which they find with you [AfD = Alternative für Deutschland = Alternative for Germany, a political party] Unfortunately was the boss of Pegida a dealer (a dealer) [0:55 Poster: "ALIBABA and the 40 DEALERS. Deportation immediately] but whatever, every child knows: Muslims are worse. "The Koran can be compared to Hitlers Mein Kampf" Populists, come here! [1:10 Poster "homeland security instead of Islamization"] NPD finds it awesome. Thump the press "Lying press!" Nevertheless you want to be Charlie. German core culture ensures us only [1:27 Poster: "Potatoes instead of Döner!!!"] PEGIDA (PEGIDA) You got it right [1:32 Poster: "Courage to the Truth"] the bad asylum seeker makes us all sick. "They come here, bring bacteria and whatever with them" What bacteria aswell? Then the bacteria will take our jobs! And our women! And they will all apply for Hartz IV and definitely all wear burka! [Hartz IV = unemployment benefits for long-term unemployed people] Oh no

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