People are missing the point on the height thing

My perception of what people think is probably distorted. The internet selects for a loud minority, but it's hard to see it otherwise. You're probably right for the most part, but I don't think I'm entirely wrong.

If you're not interested in an argument about this, then just don't read this and move on, I wouldn't care.

Your accusations of me being sexist are just me being descriptive of society, not prescriptive. It's not of my opinion that men are disposable and that no one cares when a man complains, it's that I believe that's how things are.

So if your response is "well that's your belief and that belief is wrong" then you can research the idea of male expendability. It's generally pretty accepted that in evolution, the male sex is more disposable. As for the complaining thing, weak men aren't really respected as much. Is that not the truth? Are weak men not viewed less seriously as other men?

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