People forget that heroes often have to make difficult decisions. Superman took one life to save billions of other lives. Just like Ozymandias he did the right thing.

Wow. This is an absolutely pathetic infantile projection to the max. You're not only misrepresenting actual fans of the comic character and you're, again, misunderstanding the appeal of the character while applying buzzwords to try to illustrate the incorrect perception of said fans and character by belittling them. You make assumptions about a Colgate Superman, that that's what people want. It's sad.

You're overestimating your own intelligence and it comes off as pretentious.

You're invested in the wrong character and fan base if this is what you think of them and the character. No Zack did not understand Superman. And clearly, you're a great testament to him actually tarnishing his legacy.

You're not special.

You're not different.

You're not another Alan Moore.

You're trying so hard to impress...someone.

And you aren't the first to propose something like this and certainly not the last. But the way you've come to insult me and the other fans is pathetic. I could continue and I could offer over and over again the different solutions, comics and others to try to convince you but I won't. You've already made up about what we feel for us.

In a nutshell, DCEU was trying to be for adults and that made the stunted among us fanboys start to become aware of their diapers so they started shouting about how Zack Snyder does not "understand Superman" and is "tarnishing Superman" and blablabla to distract themselves from admitting that they just wanted a Mighty Mouse cartoon sold to them in a way that made them feel it was not a Mighty Mouse cartoon.

Sad. Good-bye.

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