Why do people prefer Nvidia over AMD so much?

Pretty simple, because AMD GPU's were largely irrelevant for 10 years.

Outside of the legendary 7000 series released in 2012, AMD GPU's have been mediocre and had a history of heat/driver issues.

  • The next release was powerful but stupidly hot and loud with the r9 290/x hitting like 90c+ (2013)

  • 300 series was absolute garbage (2015)

  • next two generations rx 400 and 500 gave up on the high end and focused more on budget gaming. rx580 was a great card for the price no doubt but AMD was basically out of the mainstream GPU game (2016/2017)

  • Vega cards were a joke, power hungry and competed with NVIDIA's GOAT Pascal Generation (2017)

  • RDNA 1 is when AMD started to get their shit together, good value for the money but did not compete with Nvidia in the high end (2019)

  • RDNA 2 is when AMD finally started to compete both in price and performance (2021)

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