People who have shit themselves in your adult life, what is your story?

Well it's only been about 2 weeks since the incident and only 2 months since I made fun of my friend for doing this same thing. I never thought it could happen to me but here I am telling how I shit myself in my bosses truck.

I was at work in my warehouse doing my thing. My stomach had been churning a little bit but I'm used to it. I was loading my work truck up and thought that if I farted I would feel better. I picked up a box and walked outside to throw it in my truck and as I bend over to put the box in the bed of the truck I farted, but what I didn't know was, i had actually shit myself. I started walking back to grab another box and noticed the liquid running down my leg. I walked straight to the bathroom and cleaned right up, luckily none of the liquid had gotten on my boxers. I shit a liquid shit jet stream and felt better. I got in the work truck ( my bosses personal work vehicle) and continued on my route to various job sites. I felt the " farts " come on but didn't give in til I hit a port a potty at a job site thank god. After that I felt fine for a few hours. I was on top of the world, I couldn't believe I had come out pretty unscathed. That's when I decided to test a fart. I was on the phone with my next delivery and it came on so fast, I reacted and reacted poorly. The sickness had not passed. I shit my self in my bosses personal work truck. I pulled into an empty park and kept my ass above the seat and put my binder under my ass Incase of leakage. There were no napkins in the glove compartment, I panicked and grabbed the first aid kit and began looking for anything. I grabbed a handful of gauze and jammed it into my ass crack and put that into a bag. Then used an alcohol wipe to clean the rest up. I ditched the shit soaked gauze and wipes in a bag at a gas station bought an air freshener and went back to work and clocked out.

I now have sympathy for everyone in this thread.

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