N. Korea calls Obama 'monkey,' blames U.S. for shutdown

Obama is the signifyin' monkey


Said the signifyin' monkey to the lion one day: "Hey, there's a great big elephant down the way Goin' 'round talkin' ,I am sorry to say, About your momma in a scandalous way. He's talkin' 'bout your momma and your grandma, too And he don't show so much respect for you. You want to chat? I sure am glad. 'Cause what he said about your momma, it made me mad".

Chorus: Signifyin' Monkey, stay up in your tree. You are always lyin' and signifyin' But you better not monkey with me.

The lion said "Yeah well, I'll fix him. I'll tear that elephant limb from limb. Then he shook the jungle with a mighty roar and took off like a shot out of a 44.+ He found the elephant where the tall grass grows Said "I come to punch you in your long nose." The elephant looked over at the lion in surprise Said, "Boy you better go pick on somebody your own size." But the lion wouldn't listen, he made a pass. Then the elephant slapped him down in the grass. The lion just roared and sprung from the ground. And that's when the elephant really went to town. He whipped that lion for the rest of the day And I still don't see how the lion got away. But he dragged on off, more dead than alive. And that's when that monkey started his signifyin' jive.


The monkey looked down and said "Ooo-whee! What is that beat up mess I see? Is that you lion? Well do tell. He beat your head to a fare-thee-well. He gave you a beatin' that was a run for nothin'. And you s'posed to be king of the jungle? Well ain't that somethin'. You big overgrown pussycat, don't you roar Or I'll hop down there and whup you some more." The monkey got to laughin' and a-jumpn' up and down But his foot missed the limb, and he plunged to the ground. The lion was on him with all four feet - Gonna grind that monkey into hamburger meat. The monkey looked up with tears in his eyes Said "Please Mr. Lion, I apologize. I meant no harm, so please let me go And I'll tell you somethin' you really need to know."


Well the lion stepped back to hear what that monkey had to say And the monkey scampered up a tree and got away What I want to tell you, the monkey hollered then "If you fool with me I'll sic the elephant on you again." The lion just shook his head and said "You jive. If you and your monkey children want to stay alive Up in them trees is where you better stay." And that's where they are till this very day.

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