Planting the Seed

My wife and I were high school sweethearts. We started dating at 17, have been married for over a decade now. In our early 20s we took a short break (~6 months) due to my, um, need for freedom lol. Well let’s just say she took advantage of the that time. Lots of clubbing and meeting people.

One night she called me out of the blue and confessed that she slept with someone. She was feeling guilty about it but also I believe wanted to humiliate me for the heartbreak I caused her. she admitted to meeting someone while out one night. He was an NFL football player who turned out to be hung like a horse. They fucked that night and again early in the morning. Based on how everything happened, I believe it was raw sex even though she’s never really admitted it. In the moment I was hurt and somewhat insecure….but now I’m insanely turned on by the thought of her being fucked.

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