PlayStation president faces backlash after refusing to take a stance on abortion rights

I love that one of the staff is quoted saying they’ve never been so angry about a cat’s birthday. How fucking stupid are we now?

Dude literally just recognized there is a monumental moment in American history. Realizing it is one of the most polarizing issues people debate about, he simply asks that everyone be respectful of differing opinions.

To introduce levity to break away from a tense subject, he talks about something innocuous and cute by talking about his cat’s birthday. His staff proceeds to feel insulted.

Wow…I live in NC and just voted democrats pretty much down the ballot. I’m a designated libtard and this shit is ridiculous to me. Grow a spine folks. No one needs the CEO PlayStation political input on Roe vs. Wade; we don’t need a public apology; and we damn sure don’t need a resignation with his head on a platter… fuck off folks

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