TikTok competitors Clash and Byte are merging - CNN

In this thread you have:

  1. Responded to the entirely wrong thread with irrelevant information

  2. Gone on a tirade attacking others for pointing out that you responded to the entirely wrong thread

  3. Gone on a second tirade after being called out for going on your first tirade as a result of having a mental breakdown because you responded to the wrong thread

  4. Gone a third tirade after being called out for the second tirade where you attempted to debatelord without knowing what the words you were using meant

  5. Attempted to project the issues resulting in your mental breakdown onto others

  6. Claimed that using google is “r/conspiracy propaganda”

  7. Claimed that telling people to google “Tencent Reddit” is Sinophobia while claiming that other people are using a straw man (lol)

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! You’ll probably accuse me of using Jewish Space Lasers to start wildfires at this rate. It’s pretty in line with your mental illness - you already accused me of being part of an r/conspiracy hive mind narrative and being Sinophobic over telling people to use google.

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