POC - Expelled first week of school - AITA

The difference between expulsion and suspension is one can’t be overturned. Not even by people like Banks.

Using the cases that lessonwitch brought up, none of the whistle blowers identified were brought to justice in any publicly shameable way. ( not that i could find ) same for the other links posted. It’s a more interesting story to talk about a person arrested than a person who caused the arrest. But it’s not like the department would be able to affect that right?

And even then, aggie ‘s help other Aggies; why would they throw another aggie under the bus when they got off of the best legal solution ? To breed more hatred? To expel another student?

No one ever intends to be racist. Maybe they just don’t like how OP was dressed that day or they thought it was a serial killer or they were from a small town unfamiliar with POCs or something. I see your point on how they should be retribution, I just can’t think of what the retribution could be.

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