Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Want a Third Party to Represent Their Interests

Two thirds might say that, but 1% actually votes like they mean it. It's the same old song. "We want this thing, but I'm not going to do it. You do it. Make the government do it." If you want third party, vote third party. Right now people aren't willing to vote third party because they feel like it's a waste and they're scared of the other party winning. If you're old enough to vote then the other party, no matter what side your on, has already won during your lifetime at least twice. The only thing your fear is accomplishing is propping up the two party system. Maybe if a third party candidate could actually pick up more than 10% of the popular vote then the next one might stand a chance at 15, or 20, but it takes time and the willingness to plant the seed for a tree you may never see grow. Stop voting based on fear, or anger, or what color tie the person is wearing. Do your research and vote for who you conclude is the best possible candidate, not the best shot at beating who you think is the worst.

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