CMV: Ron DeSantis got exactly what he wanted with the immigrant political stunt

First he didn’t deceive legal residents to get them to move.

They filled out consent forms in order to go. This is today-news from anathema sources in response to the class action lawsuit.

I believe it because DeSantis graduated from Harvard Law School, cum laude, and I assume he would know how to cover his ass legally.

Second the federal government is allowed to move immigrants around because securing the border is in the federal governments enumerated powers.

So then it was illegal for Massachusetts to call in the National Guard to remove the trash?

It’s not a “buzzword” it’s what they are.

That term wasn't in common use until a month ago. In July they were "migrants" or "undocumented immigrants".

This would be like if Texas removed all the black people or native Americans from their state and bussed them somewhere else that would be very illegal

Except they didn't force anyone. It's why very-specific laws had to be written about shipping homeless people out of your city. I trust that the Harvard Law School graduate would know about such laws before so flagrantly breaking them.

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