Post Raw 9/23/2019 Show Discussion Thread

How to solve The Fiend problem?

I felt like it was too early to have him go after Seth to be honest. I know they are fixing the rosters in place when Smackdown debuts on FOX, but I feel like he's maybe the exception where he could just show up where he pleases and attack who he chooses.

You can't give him the title, because then it's like where do you go from there? He can cut promos on the Fun House as Bray but the Fiend wrestling every week would kill the mystique of the character.

For me, the best way forward is for Braun to do his best Kane impression at Hell in A Cell. Come out, rip off the door and him/Rollins attack The Fiend together. Having them go above and beyond to try and put the Fiend down for good. Rollins retains, Braun gets some payback and The Fiend doesn't win/lose.

Have The Fiend gone for a few weeks. Play up that he might be gone for good then slowly have him creepily stalk both Braun/Seth in a "I know what you did last summer" kind of vibe.

Have The Fiend add Braun to his wall and then finally have him beat Seth for the title, then Demon Balor can come back for revenge.

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