"The postponement of 'non-urgent' procedures in light of the pandemic is a source of bitter irony for many transgender people: getting a gender-affirming surgery approved in the first place has required convincing the medical community of a procedure’s urgency and necessity"

Is the same argument that libertarians use against

Its not. For several reasons. Throughout the world there has been a wide variety of political systems, stances on slavery and ruling systems. None of them as long lived or as universal as sex and gender.

Gender's been pretty consistent globally and historically. The only exception is for the past 20 years when neoliberals and neoliberals alone got their hands on it and started pushing it as "complex".

Also, fucking lmao at comparisong trannies to abolitionists, peasants and revolutionaries, get a grip, its a fetish, not a revolution.

In other words, it's a stupid argument, and it's doubly stupid for someone who claims to be a leftist to be making it.

Remind me real quick, what part of validating fetishistic delusions by porn addicted cumbrains has anything to do with the working class economic socialist agenda again?

You're the one pushing neoliberal bourgeoisie depravity here.

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