Virginia will block schools from accommodating transgender students

If I had to choose either this policy or California's I would pick this even though it is far from perfect. Then again, this is WP so it is not to be trusted or even entertained which I discovered. Their track record on public education reporting is horrific, specifically in regards to the DEI/anti-racist push that was gonna change many educational norms. They gaslit, deceived, and berated any parent who had any concern over curriculm change, tagging them with baseless, offensive accustations. But at the same time, they claimed nothing at was changing. But if it was happening and you worried, you were a racist...but nothing was happening, ad nauseum. Meanwhile the VA DOE website stated every single change and policly explicitly, this included things like eliminating gifted courses, ending fast math tracking, lowering Asian student acceptance rates to Magnet Schools, race-based disciplanary action structures, inability to fail a subject or be held back etc.......t was all there. This was the incident that woke a lot of people up to the illiberal agenda sea change and our relationships with the news sources we thought were the objective good guys.
The article states that they will make accommodation to students that have made the legal changes to name and gender, but it makes little specifics as to what this accommodation is.
This is the key issue. If you've got boots on the ground or read any demographic statistical data you've noticed that the number of adolescents identifying as trans or non-binary has increased remarkably in a very short period of time. The rates are 2-5 times that of the adult population. I get the dejected impression that the majority of these trans youth will enter adulthood cis.

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