Why is a production line capped at 15 factories?

While we're on the subject of scrolling, and by extension UI, I have to chime in and say that I find the inconsistency of the UI rather annoying. Outside of abstracted gameplay mechanics this is by far my biggest criticism of Paradox games. At times it feels as if they assigned different teams to each tab/menu. I do not mean to derail this thread or simply use it as a platform to hate on the dev, but they really ought to look at investing in someone who has nothing but experience in designing functional, continuous, and concise UIs.

With regards to the HOI4 UI, these are some of the annoyances I find:

  • The military production menu has a SOFT/SMOOTH SCROLL, whereas the Navy Fleet Menu has a HARD SCROLL. I hate this with a passion as it makes scrolling and swapping ships through large navies infinitely more difficult.

  • Research and Focus trees have fullscreen windows, Navy Fleet management and Miliary production have small windows. Having the option to fullscreen your Navy/Mil Production screen, or at least stretch it out to a custom size would be welcomed.

  • The Research trees feature trees with timelines going both vertically and horizontally. This is far from a real issue, but it is surprising that they were unable to create something that offered continuity.

  • When creating airwings you are only able to add one plane type at a time. Since the game already differentiates between plane types in an airfield there should be no reason why I can't add 100 fighters, 100 CAS, 100 bombers, etc...confirm that option, and have the game automatically separate them into wings based on their type.

There are more...but I will say that I rather like the new font and font size that they chose. The game no longer reads like a default Word document.

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