My mom [37F] is signing me [19F] up for a week of "spiritual self-discovery"... and now I find out that it's actually a cult? [UPDATE]

I've been through one of these "spiritual camps". It wasn't that bad. I rode a "super feel good high" for a few months and then life was back to normal although I tolerate less bullshit now then I did before the camp. Religious fanatacism also runs in my family, and my "spiritual camp" was also in a western state my friends lovingly refer to as the "Motherland" :P Granted, I couldn't find the exact camp you are illuding to in your post.

For me it wasn't that bad but I didn't take it too seriously. I can see how some people might run away with it all to an extreme. If you don't want to go, don't go. If you want to go to appease your mother because she's paid for it already, go. Worst thing that happens is you get a few kumbaya hugs, punch a couple pillows, maybe get to zip line. If you do decide to go make it clear to her before you go that you do not want her to pay for Level 2 of crazy camp until you've made the decision of your own accord to go .. that way she doesn't prepay for the next $500 session and sucker you into going again.

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