Solution for tapping/bursting

All this does is make tapping/bursting more forgiving for lesser skilled players.

in what way? they will still lose aim battles based on how much faster people with good aim can tap/burst them.

The game should reward someone like ScreaM who can reliably find a headshot with his first or second shot.

except we've proven time and time again that the game DOESNT reward people for this aim because of the inaccuracy of the AK.

This change makes it so you have 4-5 chance to find a headshot.

you have as many chances to burst/tap as you do now to spray somebody. it's all down to who is better.

The real reason tapping and bursting is so dog shit is because there's something wrong with how ping, tick rate, hit boxes and most importantly, first bullet accuracy.

only one of those is really right and it's first bullet accuracy. i wouldn't mind if they brought back the quickswitch first shot for the ak if it meant i could have first shot accuracy. but bursting/tapping is shit because they made spraying TOO good. you don't exchange firerate for accuracy. with how awful recoil decay is, tapping and bursting don't benefit from controlling your firerate.

It all combined makes it so even when you put your crosshair on his head and click, you can get robbed of the kill because of weird game mechanics.

it's just a badly made game

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