to protect and serve

I got pulled over for “improper lane change” (turned into the far left lane instead of keeping to the right while turning) and i got pulled over. I was wearing a Bob Marley shirt and the cop began questioning me about why I like Bob Marley and asked to search the car. I said I don’t consent to any searched then he said he was gonna call the dog then and asked me to wait on the curb. Waited a while and eventually the dog came and he says “the dog was alerted to something so we can search your car” so they took everything out of my car and found a single marijuana seed on the floor and brought it to me. I told them “that looks like any seed I’m not a botanist” anyway they made me wait a while longer and then just let me go and told me to get my car vacuumed. I was 19 and I’m white

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