To not miss his/her exit.

So my only advice is if you ever get hit from the side at the rear of your vehicle, you will spin. If you fight the hit you get an uncontrolled forward drift, if you turn into and brake hard the direction you get hit from you wrap on the nose of the car hitting you and will t bone so to speak bringing you and the car hitting you to a stop more likely straight. The driver braked and turned the wheel right in this case, trying to counter the pit. In that last minute, if the cam driver would have went with the spin, it would have kept you out of highway traffic, but you would need to know your car well. This is why I used to go out in an open lot after a good snowfall and spin my car, so i learned how to control it while spinning. I can even do reverse 180* with pure confidence in my car now. But on the roads, it's law and much better to just slow down and keep more distance. But people making last-minute lane changes outside the painted lane is at fault 100%. Should be criminally liable for damages. I hope everyone survives cause we can see that by the flying cars, they are probably not ok.

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