to teach students

Even kids with parents who are fully involved in their lives can be set up to fail.

I have a kindergarten student whose parents are thoroughly involved in her life, but they don't want her participating in social and emotional activities and we need to remove her from the class when we talk about feelings. The parents advised that they will take care of the social and emotional education of their daughter at home.

The kid is a good kid! Smart and well mannered, but she's feeling left out. Rightfully so!. Last week she threw a rock at another kid. Admin did their thing and contacted the parents, but then the parents wouldn't leave admin or our class teacher (I'm an aid) alone! They called the school and demanded the girl to be taken out of class to talk on the phone about hey behavior. She was gone more than 20 minutes...They kept pressing for the victim's name, but we can't give that. The next day, the mom came into the school (she's a teacher in the same district, different school), pretended she was there to talk with admin, but was able to make her way to our class and went straight for the teacher, demanding to know who her daughter hit... it was a bit frightening for everyone in the class.

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