to burn the Quran

You cant hit the annoying redneck who loves trump and is antivax because he did something to offend you. We may all agree he is offensive,


but if you justify hurting that person you are the same as that person

Now wait a minute. The problem with Trump and the fascists he inspires is not that they are offensive. It's that they are actively harmful. Like, they run over people with cars intentionally. They shoot people.

Opposing them nonviolently is great. But we have to be aware that they are following the path of the Nazis in the late 1920s and 1930s. Opposing them with violence becomes a VERY good idea when they start using violence... oh wait, they already have.

-- and ultimately, that same logic can be used to allow that person to hurt you.

Sure, they use the logic that reasonable people doing reasonable things, such as treating gay people with respect, is harmful, and should be responded to with violence.

The difference is that they live in an imaginary world curated for them by Fox news, while the rest of us share a much more coherent view of reality. At some point, truth matters.

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