to make an excuse for riding a motobike without a helmet or T-shirt in a foreign country

Reminds me of this one time in Kenya, I was pulled over for taking an illegal turn (allegedly I crossed a solid line, but if you’ve been, you know what I mean by allegedly).

They were trying to say it was a serious crime and I’d have to go to jail. “Obstruction” is what they always say. Anyway, things escalated with the police until I was yelling at them for being corrupt. Etc etc.

Refused to pay the bribe, maybe $20, so I went with them to the police station. They were going to book me and demand cash bail of $500. So I called a colleague who used to be a Kenyan cop — he gets on the phone and starts negotiating. After like 5 minutes, the cop hands the phone back to me and my colleague says, “just pay them 10,000” ($100 at the time).

So I hand over the cash, and the cop says to me: “so who’s corrupt now?”

Being an indignant self righteous American in a foreign country usually just ends up wasting your time and your money.

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