Provo police officer shot, killed near Orem Bed, Bath & Beyond

Thanks for your reasoned comment. Perhaps you’re right about the timing - lol and perhaps I deserve the 100+ downvotes on timing alone. But you know why I didn’t wait? Because when cops gun down a defenseless minority individual, the right-wing does NOT wait two days before vilifying them, calling them a “thug”, an “illegal”, pointing out how they were a “juvenile delinquent”, posting random pictures where they once made a gang sign, painting them as a drug addict, a rapist, you name it. They don’t wait two days to do this - they don’t wait two MINUTES. And it happens EVERY time.

And yet these same people are the quickest to jump to the defense of cops, no matter what the facts are. It’s disgusting. So since apparently no one was gonna do it, I decided to stand up and say loudly and clearly when one of them gets killed for pulling a gun on someone needlessly - All Cops Are Bastards.

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