Public Muslims, Secret Jews: A Turkish Sect Faces Crackdown

Scholem, Gershom (1974). Kabbalah. New York, NY: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Company.

Gershom Scholem discusses it though the "tallit and teffilin" part I couldn't find a reliable semi-or-close-to-primary source or substantiate seriously. Considering what I have come to understand of Zevi and his adherents situationally, historically, and ideologically such an event doesn't strike me as outside the realm of decent probability. Zevi and subsequently influential sabbateans held not only a pretty intense quasi-antinomian (quasi in the sense that mere opposition to theological-legal exegesis isn't definitionally adequate or "holistic" in this particular case) theological orientation, it seemed that many further held the notion that not only was Torah law inapplicable with the advent of their supposed messiah and the initiated "guelah" but that prohibitions to varying degrees were thus held as positive or obligatory. An example of Zevi consuming forbidden fats to symbolically convey these disgusting notions. Anyways, say what you will about Scholem

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