We want to get a puppy this summer and we have been researching boerboels (south african mastiff). It's a rather uncommon breed in the US so I don't know anyone who has first hand knowledge/experience regarding training, temperament, etc. Can Anyone out there that share their experiences?

No problem. I hate seeing Boerboels get trashed by people that don't even understand the breed and base their information off of my brother's, sister's, cousin's perspective. It's right up there with saying all pit bulls are bad. It's not even close to accurate and they are actually great for families because they have such an even temperament most of the time. Boerboels that are stand offish, or overly aggressive, are either due to lack of proper socialization, too much isolation, or just the personality of the dog. You see aggression in humans as well, doesn't mean we are all that way.

If you get one, make sure you have an excellent doggy day care in the area. It's not enough to just play with your dogs, they gotta play with many and get used to seeing new dogs all the time. The more they are exposed to smaller animals, the more gentle they are with them. It's the same as humans. They need a lot of interaction with strangers. Home Depot allows pets and is a great place to take them for walks that are meant to socialize. It's indoors, less noise, and people are spread out. My girl LOVES home depot and gets mad when we stop in aisles without people. She pouts and whines, it's cute.

These are also dogs you don't leave outside. They need to be inside with you, in a bed next to you. Other dogs do great with a kennel, these dogs generally don't. They need to be "part of the pack" and know their place in it, at the bottom. Discipline is uber important with this breed. They can be easy going, so for some it's easy to be lax, but that leads to bad habits. They are also destructive when left alone for too long (another reason for doggy day care). I have to go home at lunch to check on her, throw a ball, and let her use the bathroom. She has still eaten a wall, eaten my husband's xbox remote, and taken out my heating pad. She also has a thing for shredding toilet paper. (Why the toilet paper, pup?) Good thing she has a strong stomach.

They are great dogs, just make sure you have the time for them (and kids to run them enough).

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