"I'm Sion, imma put my body between myself and 100 Thieves"

I agree with your sentiment but I don’t think it applies here. She’s really bad. Sorry, I said it. I know a lot of people like to call Doublelift an asshole for his takes on LeTigress but as someone who doesn’t watch him much, I feel like someone was going to say it eventually. Makes sense it’s Doublelift, he is Doublelift. But how long is Riot going to just keep putting her up there and pretending like it’s not really bad?

Her “room to improve”, good-will time where she can use experience to grow, is so beyond gone. It has been years of her not being good. This isn’t some new development, she’s been around and doing a bad job for years; why is she still on the team?

It was so dumb to not let her go by this point because people now have bad tastes in their mouths with her brand. She could have said “this isn’t for me” in a forced-quit situation after the first year. People would have been like “well, it is what it is, wish her the best of luck.” but now we’re here after multiple years of just really bad... everything. Why?

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