Patch 13.5 Notes

Samira, Tryndamere, Qiyana... all champions universally agreed as unhealthy when in the meta, and all champions that get buffed, become oppresive, and get nerfed. What is the point of them? I guess Riot just think it's fun to have them rotate in and out of the meta rather than work on the core problems they introduce to games.

It's a shame that I have to go back to perma-banning Yuumi, it was fun to focus on junglers with my ban picks for a while. I'll never understand why they didn't make her targetable like Wisp in Dota, it would enitrely remove the core feeling of frustraton when playing aganst her. Based on their post that discussed this topic, it seems Riot have just decided that's how they always want her to be, and that's fine with me I guess, I'll just always ban her so the people that do enjoy her don't get to. No matter how Riot shift power around or change the way she effects her attached target, I simply refuse to play against her so-long as she remains untargetable.

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